Verduras McChicken

McChicken Vegetables

In the past, after fries, salad, and a wobbly veggie macaron, it ended up at our beloved inn at the Golden M. But now vegetarians can enjoy McChicken too without an animal having to die for it. A dough is made from broken milk and rolled oats according to a secret recipe, which is then breaded and fried like its meaty counterpart. The result is the vegetarian McChicken, which should taste as delicious as the original. We’re looking forward to our first Veggie McChicken, because so far sadly the meatless version is only available in Austria!

And at Burger King, too, there is supposedly a secret menu where the vegetables among us can breathe easy. Because here you should be able to order a veggie whopper with veggie burgers. Mmmhhh – What good news!

McDonald’s also has a secret menu

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