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Some people feel the need to reconnect with loved ones who have passed away, for example, to seek advice on important life decisions. A medium is the mediator between this world and the next world and helps in seances to obtain the desired responses from the spirits.

The medium makes contact at seances.

According to the Duden, a medium is generally seen as a mediating element. In parapsychology, medium or channel means a person who create a connection with the supernatural area can and in this way is able to Transmit messages between humans and supernatural beings such as angels, spirits or the deceased. A medium can also perceive different kinds of things that cannot be explained physically. Traditionally, the media appeared in numerous cultures in Eurasia, Africa, and the Pacific Islands, primarily in shamanic societies. Today people are looking for a medium to contact deceased relatives, guardian angels or similar supernatural beings and receive messages of comfort or help in life. Since the 1980s, the term “channeling”, previously coined in the United States, has been established for the work of the media, for the channel to ghosts. The contact with the afterlife made by the media is scientifically intangible and therefore cannot be proven. For many skeptics, the media “messages” therefore arose out of the imagination of the respective medium.

How does a medium contact you?

The most popular techniques a medium uses to contact ghosts are hypnosis and telepathy. In so-called seances (group sessions), individual sessions or meditations, visions and messages from the afterlife are conveyed to the client. This can be done both orally and in writing. To get in touch with the spiritual world, the medium falls into a trance. A so-called spirit of control takes control of the medium’s body and can speak through it. For people who have never observed this phenomenon before, this moment can be very disturbing, as the medium may suddenly fall into a different voice range or even an exotic foreign language. The spirit of control can also bring other spirits “to direct” through the medium. On the basis of voice, gestures or the type of private information – the mind often knows very precise details – the client is able to distinguish the ghosts or, if necessary, classify them as known persons. Some media are also capable of evoking physical phenomena such as telekinesis through spirits. Fixed objects magically move, bangs on the session table come from nowhere, or musical instruments suddenly begin to play on their own. Therefore, people who are afraid of these phenomena should carefully consider visiting a medium.This is how you prepare for the session with the medium.

Each session with a medium is an experiment. Successful success depends on many, mostly incalculable factors. It is important that you arrive relaxed and full in advance of the session, preferably without expectations. This is the only way to avoid being disappointed in the end. Think in advance who you know in the spirit world, but don’t expect certain otherworldly people to have to report or have the same character as before their death. If you want to record the session you must bring a tape cassette, there is usually a recording device available. Also, paper and writing materials are not bad for taking notes or writing questions. Think in advance what information you would like to receive from the other world, and let the media know when asked, but don’t get hung up on certain messages you want to receive. Make sure to filter between important and superfluous information, because the latter makes it difficult for the medium. Do not be afraid to be open and honest with the medium, as it is obliged to maintain the confidentiality of all the content of the session.

A medium is not a fortune teller

If you are hoping to catch a glimpse of the future, you have come to the wrong direction with a medium. The medium only mediates between you and the spirit world and tries to convey your messages. While fortune-tellers primarily use tools to look to the future, the media generally does without them. However, it helps them to be able to hold a personal item of theirs so that they can come into better contact with the spirits. The medium also does not have any influence on what the spirits pronounce, he only transmits what he perceives from the spiritual world. Even if If you can’t wait for future forecasts, ghosts can provide helpful hints or solutions for current situations and challenges. for example in terms of professionals, health or association, but never ready-to-use solutions! Temporary information is provided, but is only partially reliable.

A medium is suitable as a decision aid, but its statements should never be binding or serve as justification for the decisions themselves. Before making an important decision in your life, you should listen to yourself and consider how the medium’s suggestions can be reconciled with your feelings. Because ultimately, you alone are responsible for your decisions, statements and actions, and not the medium.

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