Piercing de Medusa: ¡tienes que saberlo todo!

Medusa piercing: you have to know everything!

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Thinking of getting a Medusa piercing? The piercing is totally in fashion right now, but in principle it is a timeless eye-catcher that survives all trends. Before putting yourself in the hands of a piercer, of course, you must first get all the important information about the Medusa piercing. We help you! Find out here what you need to know about the care, pain, costs, and any remaining scars with this piercing.

The enthusiasm for body decoration through tattoos and body decoration in the form of piercings such as septums, bridge piercings, jestrum piercings, genital piercings and other types is unshakable. Medusa piercing is also one of the most popular types of piercing. It itches in the nasolabial fold, the small groove between the upper lip and the nose. Usually a small silver ball is used, in rare cases a rhinestone. The Medusa is one of the labret piercings in the broadest sense, that is, those in the lip area, although there are also other variants such as the classic labret piercing (below the lower lip) and the Madonna piercing (right or left of the upper lip. ). What you should keep in mind before getting a Medusa piercing is that it is very noticeable. Due to the central location on the face, it immediately attracts attention, so first you need to think carefully about whether you want it in everyday life and, for example, for professional reasons.

Once that’s settled, of course, you still have to deal with the usual questions about getting a piercing.

What pain can you expect from a Medusa piercing?

Those who have no particular piercing experience are of course concerned about the pain factor involved in piercing. Here we have to warn you in advance: a Medusa piercing is not ideal for beginners. Since there are many nerves in the middle above the mouth, the stinging can be painful. Other facial piercings, for example in the nose, are not so unpleasant. However, how much it hurts in the end also depends on how much pain you feel. If you’re strong, a Medusa piercing probably won’t hurt you either.

What are the risks of itching? Is there a scar left after the Medusa piercing is removed?

The healing phase lasts between six and eight weeks. Why it takes so long? Because the tissue in the nasolabial fold does not heal as quickly. At first it can become swollen and infected if you are not careful. Therefore, you need to avoid acidic foods and dairy products for a certain period of time. Other problems can also arise:

  • Like a septum, a Medusa piercing can cause certain problems.

    The inner part of the jellyfish plug can damage the gums and teeth. Therefore, it may make sense to use a soft plastic plug instead of the classic surgical steel. In this way you protect the enamel of your teeth and prevent inflammation of the gums.

  • Also, it can happen that the jewelry grows together with the tissue as it heals. Therefore, you must carefully turn (!) The piercing from time to time.
  • Last but not least, many are also concerned about walking through their lives with a scar from the Medusa piercing when it is removed. In fact, the puncture site will never completely disappear, leaving a small scar. However, the hole is usually so small that it can be easily covered with concealer and powder.

How much does a Medusa piercing cost?

The price of a Medusa piercing varies from piercing studio to piercing studio. So if you want to know exactly what costs you will have to pay, find out what your chosen piercer is asking for. However, as a rough guide, you can expect between 40 and 60 euros. The price generally includes the inserted piercing and the care of the piercing.

Proper care for lip piercing.

In addition to avoiding the typical risks after piercing, you should also follow some general Medusa piercing care instructions. A special piercing disinfectant keeps the wound fresh, but can also help later if the piercing becomes infected.

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What do you think of the Medusa piercing? Maybe you have one yourself and can share your experiences with us. We are excited!

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