Mega sorpresa: este querido de "La Voz" regresa como entrenador

Mega surprise: this beloved from “La Voz” returns as coach

Mega surprise: this darling of "The voice" come back as coach

Season 10

The time has come, the castings for the 2020 “Voice of Germany” grand anniversary season will begin soon. Shortly before the start of filming for the tenth season, ProSieben and Sat.1 introduced the new coaches. And viewers can look forward to one of the show’s favorites. But that was not all, a completely new concept creates additional excitement!

It was recently announced that two coaches from last season will not be there again. A replacement was needed for Sido and Alice Merton. The production has already found it and promises a tough fight for the long-awaited victory and great reunions with several familiar faces.

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“The Voice of Germany”: it’s back!

As the production of the hit music show was announced, all the coaches for the 10th season have been confirmed and are ready to listen to new talent very carefully and include them in their teams. Again there is a very well known and particularly popular face: Samu Harber! The Finnish singer recently announced the end of his band “Sunrise Avenue” and is now returning to the red chair “The Voice” after a break. But this time the humorous musician is not alone with his decisions and not alone in his chair!

Yes, you’ve seen it right, this year he and his former opponent Rea Garvey will be looking for the best voice in Germany. If that doesn’t sound great! An absolute novelty in the history of the show that could provide a powerful explosive. In the past, coaches collided over and over again as they tried to pit themselves against each other and win the favor of singing talents. Both have already won a season, will they succeed together again?

Do you still remember those stars from the casting? Some of them have given up on music and embarked on a whole new path. We tell you what happened to them after the show:

6 instead of 5 coaches: who is there?

Did you think it was all the surprise? No, there is more to come! In the last few seasons, there were actually only 5 coaches, including a team of two, but this year there will be TWO teams of two for the first time! And you know what? That still wasn’t all, because among the other four coaches there are two returnees who are eager to start the blind auditions again. And a mean new face graces this year’s series as well.

These are the new teams for the tenth season of “The Voice of Germany”!

Yvonne Catterfeld and Stefanie Kloß are back. The performer of “Für Dich” and the lead singer of the band “Silbermond” are ready to win the title along with one of the talents. Nico Santos is also ready, the interpreter of “Unforgettable” is new to the Buzzer team, but he was already on the comeback stage last year and even led Lucas Rieger to third place. He is also looking forward to the new season of “The Voice of Germany” and is excited about the new voices and, above all, about his new responsibility.

And these are all the coaches this year:

  1. Rea Garvey and Samu Haber
  2. Nico Santos
  3. Mark Forster
  4. Yvonne Catterfeld and Stefanie Kloß

The show should air in the fall. Then you can watch the episodes live on TV or from the free streaming provider Joyn live or in the media library.

We look forward to the new season and are curious to see how the teams will work together in their new constellation. What you think? Let us know in the comments. However, before the show starts, you should definitely take our TVOG quiz and put your knowledge to the test:

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