Megan Fox y James Franco son (no) temibles

Megan Fox and James Franco are (not) scary

Megan Fox and James Franco are (not) scary

Little creepy

wantedon October 24, 2014 | 12:15

Beautiful, mega sexy, and perfectly styled – that’s how we meet Megan Fox! Beauty simply offers everything it takes to become every man’s dream. What’s surprising, though, is that you still exert that momentum when you’re getting ready for a terrifying Halloween party. Why else can’t James Franco leave Megan Fox at all?

Megan Fox can’t hide her beauty

When glowing pumpkins grace the front lawns again on October 31st, the sidewalks are populated with witches, zombies, and mummies and you spend time in front of the mirror for a change and get uglier than pretty, then it’s finally Halloween again. It’s well known that Americans especially love the horror festival and this is why Megan Fox and James Franco are already in the mood for the next spooky one.

A long white robe, jet black hair, and red lips – no, this is not a Snow White remake, but Megan Fox’s Halloween look. You might think that such a style is not very scary, but the large bloodstain on her dress and the cloudy look suggest a terrible crime. James Franco does not seem to mind, because he very gently embraces the beautiful 28-year-old girl and posts the corresponding photo on his Instagram profile.

Along with Megan Fox, James Franco sinks a bit

Megan Fox and James Franco start a Halloween test

Rather than presenting his Halloween costume himself, James Franco apparently thought it was the best decision to seek proximity to Megan Fox. That’s understandable on the face of it, but the actor could have put in a little more effort to get us into the joyous anticipation of next Friday. We think the Halloween photo of James Franco and Megan Fox is anything but terrifying.

Courage to be ugly is the annual Halloween motto! But if you’re still as beautiful as Megan Fox here, we can understand that James Franco obviously didn’t want to face her in a Frankenstein costume.Image Source 1: Getty Images / Dimitrios Kambouris Image Source 2: Instagram / James Franco