Megan Fox: en forma a pesar del embarazo

Megan Fox: fit despite pregnancy

Megan Fox: fit despite pregnancy

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Daniel Schmidton 05/19/2016 | 12:24

Hollywood beauty Megan Fox is pregnant for the third time. However, this is no reason for the actress to let him go. On the contrary: even now, she still values ​​fitness and a healthy diet.

Fit Despite Having a Baby: Megan Fox Stays Fit During Pregnancy

For Megan Fox, the health of her unborn child seems to be the top priority right now, at least that’s what one insider says “E! Online reports ”. The charlatan even knew what the actress was doing: “Megan has a very healthy weekly routine consisting of yoga, Pilates, cardio and weights. She also loves to go hiking and doing outdoor activities with Brian. ” So Megan Fox seems to be very active despite the round baby ball.

Of course, the future mother is not entirely indifferent to her diet. As the informant “E! Online ”also reveals that he continues to follow his green diet, but allows himself a few days in between when he sins culinary. “She also feeds her children very healthy and loves to get fresh fruits and vegetables from the regional market.”

Megan Fox: No Break

It wasn’t until April of this year that Megan Fox’s pregnancy was revealed when she proudly showed off her tummy during a red carpet event. The actress already has two children with her husband Brian Austin Green, to whom she has been married since 2010: her two sons Noah and Bodhi. Will it be a girl this time? The source knows: “She will keep the baby’s gender a secret for now.”

The news that she is now expecting her third child was a surprise. It wasn’t until August of last year that she filed for divorce a few days after the separation was announced. Now she and Brian Austin Green seem to be back together, as does another recently “E! Online “had confirmed:” Brian and Megan are officially together again. You want to be a family. There will be no divorce. “

We keep our fingers crossed so that the relationship between the two lasts and that especially the baby is well. But Megan Fox will make sure of that.

Image Source: GettyImages / Frazer Harrison