Mel B: "Victoria Beckham es una perra"

Mel B: “Victoria Beckham is a bitch”

Mel B: "Victoria Beckham is a bitch"

Strong language

It may well be that fashion designer Victoria Beckham often looks a little cool. His former Spice Girls bandmate Mel B now found quite clear words for this fact and does not mince words in an interview for the American podcast “Allegedly.”

Until now we have always had the impression that all the members of the Spice Girls have a good relationship with each other. However, Mel B’s latest comments suggest otherwise. In an interview with podcast moderators Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss, the pop star was asked about the rumor that Victoria Beckham seems to live somewhat in other realms. When one of the moderators came to talk about Victoria and David Beckam’s “real lifestyle”, Mel B initially defended himself to his colleague: “But they deserved it,” he explained first. But then the 40-year-old got a little more blunt.

“He has his feet on the ground. Sometimes she is just a bitch for people, “he snapped. However, Mel B quickly put her statement in perspective, all the members of the Spice Girls were pretty bitches and she didn’t want to be left out.

Mel B: “The Spice Girls reunion is getting closer and closer”

Although Victoria Beckham has been very hostile to a Spice Girls reunion in the past, singer Mel B is in a good mood for the resurgence of her career as a girl band. “That is an endless question. It is like this: we are talking about this reunion, “said the British woman cautiously,” so until there is something official to announce, there is no reason to say anything about it. Until we can announce the tour dates, there is no need to talk about it. ” But, to the delight of all Spice Girls fans, she made it clear: “I have a feeling that she is getting closer and closer.”

We think the prospect of the Spice Girls reunion coming up is very exciting! And even if Victoria Beckham will probably not be participating in the Spice Girls tour, we hope to see at least Mel B, Mel C, Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell together on the German stages soon.

Image Source: GettyImages / Thomas Coex