Mel B: ¿Fue golpeada por su marido?

Mel B: Was she beaten by her husband?

Of your own husband

wantedon December 16, 2014 | 11:48

When it comes to love, she just doesn’t have a green light – husband number two, Stephen Belafonte, is said to have beaten Mel B! Is the ex-Spice Girl’s marriage over?

His sinister collapse a few days ago could be due to serious marital problems, several celebrity magazines speculate today. Did Stephen Belafonte really hit his wife Mel B and what is the reason for his admission to the hospital? The magazine “OK!” Report now that Mel B showed clear signs of physical violence in her last appearance on “X Factor.”

Mel B is said to have been beaten by her husband

Scratches on the upper arm, bruises, and missing wedding ring they are unmistakable signs that the singer’s marriage has finally failed, he says. “That was a clear signal,” the British “Sun” quotes a supposed informant. Apparently Mel B wanted to send a call for help. “I knew exactly how this gesture would work in public and I wanted to send Stephen a clear message. Mel B’s marriage is deeply in crisis, ”speculated the informant.

Mel B: Are you in danger?

Since their recent breakup and hospitalization, Mel B is said to have had no contact with her husband, supposedly another indication that the marriage is about to end. “You haven’t spoken to him since he entered the clinic. She just doesn’t want to see it. He didn’t visit her either. That’s pretty sad when you consider that he could have died, ”the source knows. Mel B’s environment also sees the danger that marriage currently poses for the singer, he continues. “Everyone around her is trying to convince her that leaving the boy once and for all is the right decision. It’s just not a healthy relationship, “warned Mel B in his interview with the” Sun “.

Reports don’t sound good at all! We hope Mel B gets the hang of it and realizes it’s time to draw a line. Also, of course we wish the singer a speedy recovery and lots of strength for the next few weeks!

Image Source: Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images