Agradable, en forma, sin afeitar

Melina’s flight of terror!

Nice, fit, unshaven

“I really don’t know where to start …” begins Melina sophie his tales of the worst plane trip he’s ever been on. The flight itself was not the worst, but what happened before.

“I’m at home with my mom, but coming here was a disaster.”

It all started with an airline breakdown: all the passengers were already on the plane, ready for departure. But then a flight attendant exclaimed that the bus driver had put some fake passengers on the plane, who were supposed to go to Paris and not to Hamburg, where the plane was supposed to go. Approx. According to Melina, the procedure to kill all the passengers took 30 to 40 minutes. In addition, each piece of carry-on luggage was checked. After this was already an hour late, the announcement came that the plane would still wait for 11 passengers from a delayed US plane.

“Guys, it will get a lot worse!” says Melina. “All the seats next to me were empty and I thought: BOUNCE! I can sleep, everything is really great. “ But this state of happiness did not last five minutes.

“Suddenly the people from the USA come from the USA, everything packed next to me, it was fine too, it’s their seats, I don’t give a shit. Only there was a weird looking guy with a completely pale face and I thought, ‘Please don’t! Please don’t vomit! ‘”

“You know my vomit phobia. I have nothing worse than vomiting phobia. “

Melina continues: “Suddenly he goes to the bathroom and I hear vomiting noises. In the same second I got so sick and thought I must also throw up. But it was still possible, he just put on some music and I tried to ignore it. I am always afraid of getting infected and vomiting too. Suddenly the guy comes out of the bathroom, takes his vomit bag and continues. “

But Melina’s nightmare didn’t stop there either: “Suddenly the stewardess says the wind has changed, snowstorm! And I just thought, we’re already 2 hours late. I will stay in Iceland for Christmas. “

“I sat there for three hours with a sweater over my mouth and breathed through it. My eyes were watery from the smell of vomit. “

But the best: “We hadn’t started flying yet! And suddenly the plane wobbles. The track is too slippery, they say: we have to change tires. And the boy next to me vomited every 30 seconds. “