Melissa McCarthy tiene motivos para estar feliz

Melissa McCarthy has reason to be happy


wantedthe 02/03/2015 | 15:12

What number! Melissa McCarthy filmed 100 episodes for the comedy “Mike & Molly” and is as happy as a child. Along with her co-star Billy Gardell, Melissa McCarthy has been making her fans laugh for five years.

The television business is tough! There are good ideas and artists It’s like a dime a dozen, but only the best formats prevail and are tested over the years. One such series is “Mike & Molly,” in which Melissa McCarthy, along with Billy Gardell, makes audiences laugh week after week. The recipe for success is simple: fans can relate to the spirited Molly, played by Melissa McCarthy, and her frugal husband Mike; They have both been battling their pounds since the first episode and failing miserably at every diet attempt.

Melissa McCarthy is very successful

It is the story that many viewers of the series find themselves in, because Melissa McCarthy and Billy Gardell seem like normal people who could also be our neighbors. In “Mike & Molly” the stars bang their heads and get along with a delicious piece of cake before complaining about an extra kilo on the scale. It is precisely this closeness to reality that makes the series so successful, because it seems that Melissa McCarthy does not play anything to anyone. Her pounds are as much a part of her as her infectious laugh and it is precisely thanks to this authenticity that the star of the series was able to celebrate the 100th episode of “Mike & Molly”.

Melissa McCarthy didn’t dream of success

For the anniversary of the series, Melissa McCarthy and Billy Gardell were celebrating on the Los Angeles red carpet and the actress is very thoughtful about “Variety”: “I never dared to believe that we could create 100 episodes, today it’s still impossible,” reveals Melissa McCarthy and I can’t help but compare it to another series: “We did it with the Gilmore Girls, but now for the second time? When I watch old episodes today, it’s like looking in a photo album, ”the 44-year-old enthuses.

A pattern emerges: after “Gilmore Girls,” Melissa McCarthy is now part of a hit series for the second time and inspires audiences. Now that the first 100 episodes of “Mike & Molly” are in the can, we are already looking forward to the next episodes with Melissa McCarthy and Billy Gardell, because we still love eating our chocolate chip cookies with them!

Image Source: Getty Images / Alberto E. Rodríguez