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Whether it’s for “Ghostbusters” or other roles: Melissa McCarthy takes her portrayal of her fictional characters very seriously. She literally internalized it, which does not meet with the approval of everyone around her, as she now reports in an interview with a wink.

When Melissa McCarthy arrives on set, it’s inevitable to have a lot of fun, at least that’s what you think. The comedian and actress, however, sees it very differently, as she now shows in the “Elle” interview. Instead of sending a fax, the 45-year-old actually gets into her roles. “I’m so connected to my characters and I fight for them in the most exhausting way,” the “Ghostbusters” actress explains bluntly. There’s also a little illustration: “I hear myself say to my husband Ben or director Paul, ‘She wouldn’t say that like that.’

For Melissa McCarthy, this is typical behavior that various actors apparently display. He couldn’t get out of his skin. “I have to introduce the woman I embody. Even if it’s fictional, it’s always real to me: three-dimensional, flawed, adorable, screwed up, how real women are, ”says the“ Ghostbusters ”star. It seems as if he is following a light version of the acting method, a method in which the actor fully internalizes the character traits of his fictional role, even lives them literally.

“Gilmore Girls” or “Ghostbusters”?

Did Melissa McCarthy act the same on the set of the “Gilmore Girls” revival? The actress shouldn’t have had any initial problems there though, after all, she already played 153 episodes of the hit series between 2000 and 2007. So she should have been very familiar with her role as Sookie St. James.

If you want a more detailed picture of Melissa McCarthy’s acting skills and don’t want to wait too long for the resurgence of “Gilmore Girls” on Netflix, you can hit theaters starting August 4. Then the new version of “Ghostbusters” begins.

Image Source: Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images