Melissa McCarthy: Sin diversión dietética

Melissa McCarthy: No Diet Fun

Melissa McCarthy: No Diet Fun


Anne Lüftneron 03/21/2016 | 14:24

And she is losing weight! Melissa McCarthy seems to have tested the blood during the diet because the pounds are dropping faster than we can see. This is why, of course, many women wonder how the actress can motivate herself day after day. Your answer is a bit sobering …

Melissa McCarthy is currently one of the trendiest things to see on this world’s red carpets. The actress made it to the top league in Hollywood, but that’s not all that has changed in recent years. The 45-year-old is losing weight and receiving the most respect, especially from her fans. If you take a look at her Instagram account, it’s hard to believe how much the funny actress has changed and, especially when it comes to one of her latest snapshots, you can only take your hat off respectfully.

A dark blouse and black-and-white map pants flatter her new, much narrower waist, and Melissa McCarthy is beaming like she can’t feel better. His fans can barely snap out of their ecstasy, but if you ask the “bridal alarm” star about his secret to slimming down, he sounds a lot less euphoric. In a chat with “” she did not scoff at the fact that a diet is anything but a picnic.

Melissa McCarthy: boredom for a slimmer body

“Close everything, just don’t do anything that’s fun and go to bed at 7:30 pm, that’s the trick,” he reveals in an interview. But can that be true? After all, Melissa McCarthy is one of the busy women in the industry. According to her own statement, she leads a “super boring life in which a strict diet plan seems to fit very well.

In contrast to her character in “Mike & Molly,” Melissa McCarthy doesn’t seem to lose sight of her weight loss goal anytime soon. We respect this great performance, but wish we had some fun tips.

Image Source: GettyImages / Chris Jackson