Menstruación gratis: ¡déjalo ir!

Menstruation free: let it go!

Menstruation Free: Let It Go!

How does free menstruation work?

In general, the filming behind him is quite plausible. The way you suppress the urge to urinate, and therefore contract your pelvic floor muscles, so does the retention of the next “blood rush.” After all, the uterus does not work incessantly and always takes a longer rest. As soon as you have decided to use this method, you should initially put on a light bandage as a safety measure and go to the bathroom about every hour. However, it should be noted that this period is not the same for everyone, but varies depending on the day of the cycle and the intensity of bleeding. In the meantime, try to focus on your uterus and keep your pelvic floor taut. It usually takes between one and five minutes to bleed, which unfortunately takes a long time to start. After all, you must be absolutely sure that every time you go to the bathroom, your blood has been completely drained. At some point you have developed a feeling for it and immediately realize when the next blast interval is.

How does free menstruation at night work?

Here it is very important that you go to the bathroom immediately before going to bed and immediately after getting up. This is the only way to stay clean, so to speak. Since the blood flow is very low when you are lying down, everything collects in front of the cervix, but it drains immediately when you stand up. Therefore, one must be careful to maintain tension until safe in the bathroom.

The right professionals can even contain this increase for a time, which is great when you’re not near a toilet.

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What are the benefits of free menstruation?

Hard to believe, but the advantages of “Free bleeding” they’re not really that absurd. For one thing, you save huge costs on all the tampons and sanitary pads you have to spend each month. In addition, you protect the environment, because as soon as you stop using these hygiene items, the production of waste also decreases. But not only that! The vagina in particular thanks you for this, because it can simply “breathe” better. But the best is yet to come, as women have reported on various online forums that this method can even ease the severity of period pain.

What are the disadvantages of free menstruation?

However, the disadvantage cannot be overlooked here, because as long as this method has not been fully practiced, often something can go wrong or embarrassing incidents can occur. Also, you should always be in the immediate vicinity of a bathroom at first, which is next to impossible. Therefore, the acclimatization period is only possible during the holidays. For this reason, unfortunately, this method is not really suitable for girls who have a very heavy menstrual period.

Looking for an alternative to tampons? Here you can find all the information about the menstrual cup.

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