Tatuaje de sirena: esto es lo que significa Arielle & Co.

Mermaid Tattoo – This is what Arielle & Co. stands for

Mermaid Tattoo - This is what Arielle & Co. stands for

Under the sea

Mermaids are popular tattoo designs today, and not just for Disney fans. The mythological figure of the sea has always fascinated and bewitched people. When used on the skin, it can have different and even quite opposite meanings.

How the mermaid became a tattoo

The mermaid has been firmly anchored in mythology for centuries. It is a mythical creature half human and half fish, and represents the counterpart of the Aquarius figure.

Mermaids became a maritime symbol early on, after sailors repeatedly reported young women sunbathing on rocks after their travels. These mermaids were a positive sight for the men who finally got to see something feminine after months at sea. In the 19th century, for example, when it became common for sailors and sailors to get tattooed, the sea creature became a major motif and later became part of old-school tattoos. With a mermaid on their skin, men always had companions on board. Today it is often used as a vintage motif or as a tattoo for fashion reasons.

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What does the mermaid tattoo symbolize

# Mermaids as mythical beings

The mermaids accompanied the sailors again and again on their way and, according to legend, they showed the drowned the way home. For these reasons, they are mostly associated with positive things:

  • femininity
  • beauty
  • intuition
  • Attraction
  • protection

# The little Mermaid

However, there is also the innocent version of the little mermaid, as we know her from the fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen or Disney’s Ariel. Rather, it symbolizes a lost soul that can be saved by the love of one person and live on earth. While Arielle manages to conquer her prince in the end, the little mermaid in the Danish fairy tale is not granted a happy ending – she turns into sea foam in the end. An Arielle tattoo can also represent these things:

  • longing for freedom
  • Desire for independence
  • Need for protection
  • Look for love

# Mermaids and mermaids

Mermaids and mermaids are now often equated with mermaids, but originally they had a different and very negative meaning. In Greek mythology, mermaids were considered demons of death, who wanted to deceive sailors astray and lead them to ruin with their song and erotic charms. Mermaids also represented danger and death and were intended to attract people to the bottom of the sea. In this context, the mermaid tattoo can also mean the following:

  • danger
  • threat
  • death
  • Calamity
  • Insidia
  • lying
  • seduction
  • Influence

Mermaid tattoo styles

Instead of legs, a mermaid usually has a fish fin, the scales of which can glow brightly. Her young, slim torso is bare, while her breasts are exposed or hidden by her long, full hair. However, she often wears a kind of clam bra.

The once very classic and rather simple description of the mermaid in old school design has now given way to a variety of tattoo styles. The motif can be incredibly colorful and detailed, displaying jewelry and flowers in the hair and on the face of the wearer’s friend or wife. However, you often see black and white or very sketchy renderings with just the outlines of the mermaid. Whether you prefer to wear a mermaid with an evil eye, a strong and seductive woman or a cute and innocent creature out of the sea, it is completely up to you.

The mermaid can be easily combined with other marine motifs such as anchor, steering wheel, ship or wave.

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