Stadia: Grid y otros nuevos juegos profesionales, varias funciones nuevas sobre la marcha

Metro Exodus now on Stadia

Stadia: Grid and other new pro games, various new features on the go

Metro Exodus is the newest game for Stadia that can now be played via the streaming service.

To update: Sorry, our mistake. Metro Exodus is not new. I misinterpreted a message from Google.

Original article:

Google and partner publishers are donating the next game to Stadia, and Metro Exodus is now playable via the streaming service. It’s one of the many games that will still be shipping to Stadia for the next several weeks and months. The game should cost $ 39.99, the Stadia store tells me. It is relatively expensive, the PC version costs € 38.99 according to the price comparison and the console version does not cost € 19 for Metro Exodus. Google underlines the pricing policy, which unfortunately is not tailored to users.

Metro Exodus Stadia Trailer

Also, Final Fantasy XV and Trials Rising started on Google’s streaming platform a few days ago. Also, two games were added in December that are free for Pro subscribers.

Stadia Pro added two free games