Mi Band: Xiaomi se conecta a portátiles para desbloquear

Mi Band: Xiaomi connects to laptops to unlock

Mi Band: Xiaomi connects to laptops to unlock

Xiaomi laptops can be unlocked with Mi Band, this innovation was launched for the first users with the latest firmware update.

There is a new feature for the last two generations of Xiaomi Mi Band, but initially it is only limited to certain devices and regions. But it is still a good idea that Xiaomi came up with. It’s not entirely new, but in the end it has always been interesting for comparable devices. Indian Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4 users have been able to unlock their nearby laptop since the latest firmware update.

Mi Band Unlocked Notebook

This innovation seems to be limited not only to a certain region, but also only to Xiaomi laptops. In any case, the Mi Fit settings say that after activating the function, the Mi Notebook can be unlocked using the Mi Band. There is a specific application for Xiaomi laptops for this purpose. Although I also assume that this system could already be implemented in other devices.

One problem with these functions is reliability. For example, I could unlock my Chromebook using my smartphone, but unfortunately the Bluetooth connection rarely works in less than a second. So I am finally faster when entering my PIN.