¡Michael Jackson está muerto!

Michael Jackson is dead!

Michael Jackson is dead!

Michael jackson he is one of the few artists of our time who could influence entire generations with his music. In the ’80s and’ 90s in particular, Michael only took the pop world by storm. His album “suspense novel“Since 1982 it is the world’s best-selling studio album of all time. 2006 came Michael jackson With “suspense novel“In the” Guinness Book of Records “: Up to that point, the record had been sold about 104 million times at the record counter!

But Michael jackson Not only was he a brilliant musician, his talent for dance set the bar extremely high for modern stage performances and shows. His “Moon Walk” went down in history and inspired countless artists to new ideas.

So today the shock: Michael jackson is dead! He died because his heart stopped beating. The actual circumstances of the tragic incident will only be accurately determined the next day. Michael has likely taken strong pain relievers and these have weakened his heart over time. He repeatedly suffered illnesses and injuries that he tried to control with the help of medications. Of course, also because his big comeback was just around the corner and he wanted to get back in shape on stage.

Now the world is mourning the fallen superstar. Fans comfort each other on Internet forums. A German MJ website even posted the pastoral care phone number for Jacko supporters who are alone in this difficult hour. The stars also speak and express their pain:

Miley Cyrus (via Twitter): “Michael jackson it was my inspiration.

Joel madden (via Twitter): “Stop the gossip, stop the speculation! Take a moment to think about Michael and what he gave us all. He was just great, may he rest in peace!

Demi lovato (via Twitter): “What a sad day! I pray for all the families who have lost such inspiring people these days!

Selena Gomez (via Twitter): “RIP Michael jackson. “

Justin timberlake explained in an interview: “I can’t find the words to express my deep pain. We lost a genius.“And the queen of pop Virgin Sad: “I can’t stop crying over the sad news. I always admired Michael Jackson!

Michael jackson He was only 50 years old, but his legend will live on for a long time …

What do you associate with Michael Jackson? And what songs do you like?