¡Michelle Phan ha vuelto!

Michelle Phan is back!

Michelle Phan is back!

With the legal battles came depression

Those who are successful also quickly become victims. Michelle had several legal disputes on her neck, which were eating her more and more. To distract himself, he took on even more projects, because that was the only way he knew how to deal with stress and anxiety. It also helped ease the pain.

Michelle Phan became increasingly isolated from her family, friends and also from her followers, but she was too proud to show or tell anyone how lonely she felt and at one point suffered from depression. “I just wanted to be forgotten, so I was posting less and less. I got lost with all the money and I got further and further away from my true self. “

With the desire to be forgotten, depression and constant stress, Michelle Phan is not the only star, as Selena Gomez also suffered similar symptoms through Instagram and moved further away from the world and social networks.