Michelle Williams: ¿se la llevaron de nuevo?

Michelle Williams: Was she taken away again?

Michelle Williams: Was she taken away again?

Cupid approaching!

wantedon 07/30/2015 | 15:18

While Michelle Williams can’t complain about a lack of job openings, things seemed a lot more difficult on the love front in the past. Now a very specific man is supposed to make the beautiful actress’s heart beat faster again …

Michelle Williams is no longer alone

It may seem strange that, of all people, a world-famous Hollywood star likes to retire in her spare time to relax with a good book. But that’s exactly what it seems to be with Michelle Williams. As a source told Us Weekly, the actress loves the written word so much that hardly a day goes by without a literary work. His enthusiasm for books now seems to have influenced Michelle Williams’ male taste …

Jonathan Safran Foer’s poignant novel “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” made the hearts of book fans pound And the beauty Michelle Williams doesn’t seem to be averse to the author either. As “Us Weekly” reports, the 34-year-old writer and the writer are very close, which makes a relationship between the two not seem entirely improbable: because both Jonathan and Michelle have eventful pasts and not only share their love. to literature with each other.

Michelle Williams found the right one?

Is Jonathan Safran Foer Michelle Williams’ new boyfriend?

Lovebirds should get to know each other through mutual friends, as the insider reports and it all seems as if fate has its finger in the game. After her relationship with Heath Ledger, who died of complications from a drug cocktail in 2008, she embarked on an affair with Spike Jonze. But neither with the director nor with his successor Jason Segel should be eternal love. The marriage of Michelle Williams’ new girlfriend also fell through last year. Now is the time for both of you to finally find a life partner.

Are we witnessing the beginning of a new love here? Both Michelle Williams and Jonathan Safran Foer already have children, and if the two really did meet, imaginative stories for kids could soon be the order of the day. Sounds like a happy ending for Michelle Williams, right?

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