Microsoft Edge: cualquiera que se cambió a Google tuvo un problema

Microsoft Edge: Android mobile browser receives tracking protection

Microsoft Edge: Anyone who switched to Google had a problem

Microsoft has integrated extensive tracking protection into the mobile version of the Edge browser. This offers three levels of protection against tracking on the web.

Microsoft has given its own mobile browser a new feature. With tracking protection, you can better protect yourself on the Internet from the collection of personal data and user behavior. What is actually quite practical for users can, of course, often represent an incision in privacy. Microsoft offers different levels for this new trace protection, because there are also different qualities in the collection and recording of user data. Below are more details on what Microsoft recently put into the Edge browser changelog for Android.

More privacy protection on the web

  • Set up syncing your bookmarks, passwords, and other data with the new Microsoft Edge or the previous version of Microsoft Edge.
  • Customize the layout of a new tab.
  • Tracking Protection: Select Simple, Balanced, or Strict as the blocking value.