Microsoft vuelve a mostrar Surface Duo, esta vez en vídeo

Microsoft shows Surface Duo again, this time on video

Microsoft shows Surface Duo again, this time on video

Surface Duo may not be long in coming, the new Android smartphone has already appeared again in a Microsoft video.

Microsoft made the Surface Duo an open secret from the start; the Android smartphone with two screens was introduced a while ago. More or less at least. The device hasn’t been released to this day, but it should still be available in the summer. Again, Microsoft shows the dual-screen smartphone in a short video. More recently, employees kept their new smartphone project in front of the camera. Again, Microsoft is relatively open about the Surface Duo.

Surface Duo in front of the camera again

In favor of the imminent market launch, not only spoke the constantly open screen of the smartphone on the cameras, but also the receipt of various FCC and Bluetooth SIG certifications. The group itself has yet to announce when the final and full disclosure will take place. Microsoft never really talked about the technical data, which has probably never really been final to date. Now we are in the final stretch, at least that is my impression.

Foldable or Surface Duo? That could be interesting.

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