Oferta de mitad de año: Xiaomi anuncia la próxima promoción de teléfonos inteligentes

Mid-Year Sale: Xiaomi Announces Upcoming Smartphone Promotion

Xiaomi has planned the next promotional week for its own online store, the mid-year sale has already been fully announced for June, including discounts.

Xiaomi cannot help it and wants to alienate German customers from Huawei and company with low prices. In a few days there will be another discount campaign at Xiaomi. The Chinese smart-tech maker never tires of constantly lowering prices at its own store. Of course, all this is taken into account, these actions should attract attention. In addition, Xiaomi wants to make its own brand more popular, which mainly works with a high volume and frequency of new promotions. The new campaign for smartphones and other smart devices begins on June 17.

Xiaomi announces week of action

Xiaomi announces all prices in advance. It is also said that partners Amazon and Otto also want to shine with various offers during the campaign period. In addition to the reduced prices, a 10 euro voucher is also offered, but this is not valid for all devices.

From June 17 to 23, many popular smartphones will be reduced by up to 100 euros at the suggested retail price or available as an attractive package. For a selection of smartphones and ecosystem products, a 10 euro voucher can also be used for purchases of 69 euro or more.

In addition, it is worth taking a look at the official offers on OTTO’s Xiaomi Smartphone Week and on the offers page on Amazon.de during the campaign period from June 17 to 23.

The prices seem good, but we are not always impressed. You may need to check before making a purchase. I always recommend checking the price comparison before paying. We still don’t know if Amazon and Otto want to offer different or just identical prices.