Sicher geboren auch Dank der Unterstützung der Hebamme

Midwifery crisis: a photo illustrates the importance of midwifery

Sicher geboren auch Dank der Unterstützung der Hebamme

“Applause to all nurses and obstetricians”

Texan blogger Jill Krause’s image post tells it exactly. I liked it thousands of times in a few days. The photo that photographer Katie Lacer took is not particularly aesthetic or very explicit, so an angry crowd would have to be upset about it. It is his honesty that makes him so special. Krause writes the following text on the photo:

“I will never forget the faces of the nurses who followed me into the bathroom after I gave birth to each of my children. That moment when she was so vulnerable, tired, fearful and shaky. My stomach was bloated, my well-being was gone. You treated me with such love and dignity. For me, these were moments that strengthened me again and confirmed that I have someone who can really help me and is there for me, even if it’s just in the bathroom or toilet in this short time while I’m friendly. The nurse explains how I put a cooling pad on my mesh pants. (…) Applause to all the nurses, obstetricians and all those who show us how to make briefs with cooling pads or help us with the first shower after a cesarean section! “

(Editor’s note: Krause’s shared post is currently unavailable. That’s why we picked the original Instagram post from photographer Katie Lacer.)