Los fans de Mike Singer colapsan en la sesión de autógrafos

Mike Singer fans collapse at autograph session

Mike Singer fans collapse at autograph session

Mike Singer’s autograph tour has been canceled

And now for him bad news To all fans: The tour has been completely canceled due to concerns for fan safety! Andreas Weitkämper from Warner Music Germany says: “It was with great regret that we decided today, due to yesterday’s onslaught of fans in Wuppertal, not to continue Mike’s autograph tour out of concern for the fans. We ask for your understanding, but here it is simply ‘Safety First.’

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Mike himself also asks for understanding: “I am extremely saddened that we cannot do this tour, which I have been waiting for a long time, as planned. I would have loved to take a photo with each of you. I hope you know. No one expected so many of you to come. The safety of each and every one of you is the most important thing to me. Please, do not get angry with me “.

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