¡Mike Singer se defiende!

Mike Singer fights back!

But that was not all: that too Mike’s family private number he just got online, as someone close to Mike tells us. The phone was no longer silent! And if you have the number, you can also find out the address, and some people certainly have, too. Now lawyers and police are handling cases.

Since fans are still concerned, he posted Ossama also messages to calm them: “Force yourself to laugh and everything will get better # don’t worry” Y “No one will take your laughter …” Team singer, that’s what the fans are called, support their idol! And suspect immediately Rieger team – Lukas Rieger fans. But Ossama got the rumor out of the world: “It has nothing to do with Team Rieger or anything, I hope at least not… it’s much worse and not funny at all !!”

+ + What happened? + +

#Coward – Ossama writes that over and over again in his photos on Instagram. Apparently the culprit has not yet been caught. And as the comments below the images suggest, the following happened: Mike received death threats while streaming a video on Live.ly (a musical.ly platform where you can stream live). It apparently said something like “The countdown is activated, in 7 days he will die …” But no matter what it was in the end: Such threats really go too far! Here’s part of the live stream: