Mila Kunis: se siente más cómoda desnuda

Mila Kunis: feels more comfortable naked

Mila Kunis: feels more comfortable naked

Strange peculiarity?

wantedon 09/15/2014 | 16:35

Pregnant women often develop their own idiosyncrasies, whether they are mood swings or bingeing. Now he has also hit Mila Kunis! After all, it won’t be long before the actress gives birth to her first baby with Ashton Kutcher. With a big belly towards the end of pregnancy, Mila Kunis also develops a special habit …

They had known each other for years and were often on camera together, but the two were initially in a stable and long-lasting relationship. Only years later it worked: Mila Kunis and “Two and a Half Men” actor Ashton Kutcher have been a couple since mid-2012. The two finally got engaged earlier in the year, but they supposedly don’t want to say yes until the summer of next year. The baby’s round bump can’t be hidden – Mila Kunis is heavily pregnant and develops a funny quirk.

Mila Kunis has a beautiful figure on the red carpet even with a paunch.

It is said that Mila Kunis lately preferred to run naked at home. This is what at least one informant told the American magazine “OK!”: “She is so fat and the baby moves a lot. Nothing is more relaxed and comfortable for her than being naked. “ With a stomach like this, Mila Kunis can barely slip into uncomfortable blouses. Her fiancé Ashton Kutcher, who also likes to leave the covers on “Two And A Half Men,” doesn’t seem to mind.

Mila Kunis is planning a home birth

In an interview with “OK!”, Mila Kunis made it clear some time ago that she would not tweet about her pregnancy. Also, the 31-year-old woman revealed at the time that she was planning a home birth. “Mila just wants to give the best to her son. She thinks that is why she should choose a totally natural delivery. He wants to have as few medical interventions as possible, “revealed another insider,” Showbizspy. ” In the event of complications, the Cedars Sinai Clinic in Los Angeles is said to be the couple’s first choice; of course, Ashton Kutcher is already worried that Mila Kunis may suffer too much from a home birth.A home birth is not without risk. It is advisable to seek medical advice and be prepared for an emergency. The exact date of birth is not yet known; therefore, we are extremely excited, we look forward to the offspring of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher and wish the couple all the best until then.

Photo by Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images