Mila Kunis: ¿Futura mamá de mal humor?

Mila Kunis: Future mom in a bad mood?

Paparazzi attack

wantedon 08/28/2014 | 12:28

Do not play with expectant mothers! Especially not if the first baby is imminent. A paparazzo had to find out now, who ambushed Mila Kunis in front of her Pilates studio …

Mila Kunis doesn’t understand anything about her pregnancy pilates. Ashton Kutcher’s fiancee already proved it on her 31st birthday, when, instead of throwing a party, she preferred to spend a few hours on the yoga mat. Photographers now also know that Mila Kunis has recently preferred to take her baby for a walk in front of her gym in Sherman Oaks, California. There they ambushed Ashton Kutcher’s friend, who was very pregnant, to take a look at the future mother …

Mila Kunis doesn’t want to be photographed all the time

But not with Mila Kunis! The 31-year-old is said to have provided information from “E! News ”and“ OK! “The police have been called in an incident involving intrusive paparazzi. It is not known if it was Mila Kunis who called the officers. However, the fact is that the police came for alleged harassment. Images including “E! News ”shows Mila Kunis gesticulating wildly amid a horde of California officials.

Mila Kunis is losing her patience

According to the American magazine “OK!” Mila Kunis has been followed to her gym by a paparazzo. While the expectant mother participated in the pregnancy pilates, the photographer waited in his car for the Hollywood beauty. When Mila Kunis saw the paparazzo waiting in front of the studio after her gym class, she is said to have freaked out and called the police. Fortunately, Mila Kunis and her baby are doing well.

Labor can also be suddenly triggered by stress! Mila Kunis should practice relaxation rather than be bothered by the intrusive photographers that life as a movie star brings with it. On the other hand, we fully understand the anger of the future mom. After all, your tummy is just you and your fiancé Ashton Kutcher’s business.

Image Source: gettyimages / Frederick M. Brown