Mila Kunis ya está pensando en el bebé número 2

Mila Kunis is already thinking about baby number 2

Mila Kunis is already thinking about baby number 2

Happy to be pregnant

wantedthe 15/08/2014 | 11:25

Just a few weeks before giving birth, most women can no longer wait to leave the often exhausting pregnancy behind and finally hold their baby in their arms. Mila Kunis is definitely looking forward to it, but the actress apparently loves being pregnant so much that she is already planning her second pregnancy.

You have rarely seen someone who enjoys last trimester pregnancy as much as the star of “The Wild Seventies.” Mila Kunis is an absolutely perfect pregnant woman and she also attended a pregnancy yoga course yesterday on her 31st birthday. The gorgeous brunette is so engrossed in her role as mom-to-be that she wants baby number 2 even before the first one is born.

Mila Kunis shows her belly

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher will be parents in just over a month and they probably can’t wait to finally hold their little one in their arms. But apparently the 31-year-old actress already knows that she will miss the pregnancy. “She wants to get pregnant again immediately after delivery and the doctor gave her the green light,” quotes “RadarOnline.” Mila Kunis has already highlighted that she is enjoying the pregnancy to the fullest. Needless to say, she gets sad when her time of being pregnant comes to an end.

Mila Kunis loves her breasts

Despite how beautiful pregnancy is and how wonderful and happy mothers often seem, this time it also has its stressful sides. But with Mila Kunis, these don’t seem to really feel like a month before birth. Ashton Kutcher’s fiancee happily recounts how nice it is to be pregnant. And one of the brunette beauty’s greatest assets is her breasts. “They are great!”, Mila Kunis enthuses in an interview with “Marie Claire”, “They are three times bigger than before. I say to everyone I know, come on, touch them! “”

It is truly inspiring to see how relaxed and happy Mila Kunis maneuvers during her pregnancy. She really seems to be enjoying every moment and is already expecting not only baby number 1 but pregnancy number 2. However, perhaps she should wait first to see if she still enjoys sleepless nights and diaper changing. But if the cute couple stick together like this, the two actors should easily overpower it.Image Source: Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images Entertainment