Mila Kunis está consternada por Tori Spelling

Mila Kunis is dismayed by Tori Spelling

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Since Mila Kunis takes care of her daughter Wyatt Isabelle, she has plenty of time to devote to the TV show. Obviously, one or another reality show flashes on the screen. When Mila Kunis got stuck on the Tori Spelling show, the 31-year-old was beyond horrified.

Mila Kunis slanders Tori Spelling

There are people who love to flaunt their entire private life. These include the Kardashian clan and Tori Spelling, who have had their own television show called “True Tori” on US television shows for almost a year. There, the 41-year-old woman openly shows her private life, including the most embarrassing marriage dramas and pregnancy tests. Mila Kunis encountered one angry thing while watching the show: Tori Spelling’s four children are also shown in “True Tori.”

“It was terrible. His were kids on the show, that was just pathetic. I just wanted to say, ‘You need help.’ Then I also stopped watching the show because it became too real for me. “Mila Kunis said outraged on the Conan O’Brian talk show. The “Jupiter Ascending” actress has been a mother for almost four months and therefore cannot understand Tori Spelling’s behavior at all. She and her fiancé Ashton Kutcher keep their private lives as secret as possible; there is also no official photo of his daughter Wyatt Isabelle.

Tori Spelling flaunts her life in “True Tori”

Mila Kunis: Wyatt is going to be a soccer fan

Even if Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are holding back heavily when it comes to their private lives, they do reveal a few details from time to time. So the 31-year-old chatted on Conan O’Brian’s talk show and said: that Ashton Kutcher is already trying to get Wyatt Isabelle interested in soccer: “He has to watch football with him every Sunday, Monday and Thursday night. That kid wears a Chicago Bears jumpsuit every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday of his life, and he’s never the same! There are always different rompers. There are tutus and cheerleading outfits, one is Jersey with your name and one without your name. There is everything! “Too bad, dear Mila Kunis, we are not allowed to see a photo of her …

We can understand Mila Kunis’s rampage about Tori Spelling’s reality show, after all, kids should be able to decide for themselves whether to show themselves in front of half the world or not. However, it is questionable whether Tori Spelling will take this criticism seriously. He loves being too in the limelight. It’s a shame that your children have to pay the price at some point.

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