Miley y Ke $ ha lo hacen: ¡tatuaje en la boca!

Miley and Ke $ ha do it: mouth tattoo!

Flunsch tattoo

There are numerous places on the body that are suitable for a tattoo. Depending on the location, you have to pay attention to different things, because the skin does not absorb the tattoo ink in the same way everywhere, so tattoos on hands and feet, for example, fade faster than others places. Today we are going to introduce you to a very special form of body modification that is not only short-lived but also invisible at first glance: the mouth tattoo. Here you can find out why body jewelry on the inside of the lower lip is still more popular and what motifs Miley Cyrus and Ke $ ha got tattooed on the oral mucosa.

Similar to tongue stripe piercing, mouth tattoo is a body jewel that you actually only pierce yourself. Because the lip tattoo is only visible when the lower lip is folded with the hands or when a particularly large flunsch is drawn, which is why it was also christened the Flunsch-Tattoo. Tattoos on the mouth behave differently than traditional tattoos on other areas of the skin. We explain what you should pay attention to before piercing and what reasons can be done inside the mouth.

A tattoo on the mouth is only visible by turning the lower lip upside down.

This is how you put the tattoo on the inside of the lip

Since a tattoo does not last long in the mouth, not all tattoo artists offer it.

Tattooing the inside of the lip is not as easy as tattooing the outer skin. There are many reasons for this. For one thing, the lower lip should be bent down with tweezers throughout the process or you should hold it yourself. That does not make the procedure very comfortable. On the other hand, it is much more difficult to draw clear lines on the mucous membrane that remain permanent. Usually, a mouth tattoo only lasts for a few months. After about a year, it is often no longer visible to many tattooed people. Therefore, it is quite a suitable tattoo for people who cannot permanently commit to a motif or who do not want to show their tattoo openly. If the tattoo fades in your mouth, you can of course do it again. Due to the constant irritation in the mouth, contact with saliva and food, these tattoos are particularly prone to inflammation.

Star lip tattoos

While mouth tattoos used to be known primarily in punk and skinhead scenes due to their dirty lines, they are now worn by even pop stars like Ke $ ha. Ke $ ha, who likes to tease with her edgy style, shows on her Instagram post not only her gold tooth, but also her lip tattoo with the inscription “SUCK IT!”

Miley Cyrus also surprised her fans on Instagram in 2014 with a colored cat emoji tattoo on the inside of her lips. But then he revealed that it was just a fake tattoo. Still, Miley started a trend with lower lip jewelry that doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon.

Inspiration for mouth tattoos.

If you want to get a mouth tattoo, you must not go wrong. Only very simple motifs, such as small symbols, numbers or short letters, can be implemented in the mucosa. Since tattoos alone are already fading so quickly, only black lines are really doable.

Small symbols like hearts, emoticons, diamonds, or dollar signs can be rendered relatively well. However, keep in mind that fine lines that are too close together will blur over time.

Mouth tattoos are known to be a bit silly. This is why funny and ironic words and exclamations are particularly popular. At the very least, embarrassing motives are only visible here if you present them to others. Otherwise, they are just a bit of fun that you will indulge yourself.

We especially liked this little stegosaurus. However, for this relatively detailed and neatly pierced lip tattoo, you need to contact a talented tattoo artist and repeat the motif several times.

If you like more unusual tattoos and piercings that not everyone has, you should also take a look at the lower lip piercing jestrum piercing or understated white tattoos!

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