Miley Cyrus: divertida negación del embarazo

Miley Cyrus: funny pregnancy denial

Miley Cyrus: funny pregnancy denial

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Christina Cascinoon 03/10/2016 | 13:38

Miley Cyrus is not only supposed to return to her ex Liam Hemsworth and even get married – the singer is supposedly pregnant too! Not at all, as Miley now makes clear on Instagram with a fun collage.

Just a few days ago, the Australian magazine “NW” reported that Miley Cyrus was pregnant. And that’s not all: according to the magazine, the baby should be born in August. Supposedly to the delight of Liam Hemsworth, who, according to one source, is impressed by it. Miley’s dad also added fuel to the fire when he recently and apparently ironically wrote on Twitter: “I’m going to be a grandpa. Call me dad! ”. But the “Wrecking Ball” singer is putting an abrupt end to eager speculation: If you can believe her current Instagram post, her mother is more likely expecting another child.

And even that can still be doubted. The collage shows Billy Ray Cyrus as a doctor currently performing an ultrasound on his wife. However, the monitor does not show a baby without an identity yet, but Miley Cyrus in miniature format. Everything is overwritten with “Congratulations, you’re vegan !!”

Miley likes to give contractions with funny collages

It is not the first time that Miley Cyrus has responded to rumors about a possible pregnancy with a funny Instagram post. The “Wrecking Ball” singer had already published a similar collage in late 2014 when she was supposedly expecting a baby from her boyfriend at the time, Patrick Schwarzenegger. “In those three days that I wasn’t on Instagram, I got pregnant and went to rehab. I’m very busy, sorry guys, ”Miley said at the time. “I know how much you have missed my collages.”

We find Miley Cyrus’ humorous handling of the numerous pregnancy rumors very understanding. And who knows: maybe he just wanted to end his father with his latest Instagram post because he had only fueled speculation about the baby?

Image Source: GettyImages / Jamal Countess