Miley Cyrus: "¡No estaba del todo en relaciones heterosexuales!"

Miley Cyrus: “I wasn’t quite in heterosexual relationships!”

Gay or straight?

wantedthe 05/07/2015 | 11:03

Getting in a drawer is probably Miley Cyrus’s biggest nightmare! Therefore, you do not want to fully answer the question of your sexuality. Gay or straight? For Miley Cyrus completely irrelevant!

She was engaged to a man and had just ended a relationship with another man, but apparently that doesn’t mean Miley Cyrus is straight! In a telephone interview with the Associated Press, the genius “Wrecking Ball” performer now confirmed that she was completely don’t feel like being typecast Not even when it comes to her sexuality!

Miley Cyrus doesn’t want to be pigeonholed

This was confirmed by Miley Cyrus, that they were not exclusively relationships that were “purely heterosexual in nature”, would have. Miley Cyrus also doesn’t want to be determined regarding her own definition of gender.

Miley Cyrus: Does she have a problem with being a girl?

So Miley Cyrus had brought Bruce Jenner closer to the former Olympian from the beginning of the discussion about sex reassignment, even calling him her “hero.” So does Miley Cyrus prefer to be a man? “I didn’t want to be a kid. He really didn’t want to be anything. I can’t get used to the definitions of what a boy and a girl should be. And I had to learn that: It’s not that I hate being a girl, it’s the box that she puts me inMiley Cyrus explained in an interview with “Out” magazine.

Miley Cyrus is easy to typecast, and that’s a good thing! You just need free spirits to do their own thing and support you to be different. We find Miley Cyrus’s approach to be absolutely commendable and supportive!Image Credit: TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP / Getty Images