Miley Cyrus es la "Wrecking Ball" en persona

Miley Cyrus is the “Wrecking Ball” in person

Miley Cyrus is the "Wrecking Ball" in person

Wrecking Ball Alert

wantedthe 15/08/2014 | 15:29

When Miley Cyrus checks into a hotel, two things are as certain as the “Amen” at church: the hotelier gets a lot of money for booking the largest suite in the hotel and the stay of a world star like Miley Cyrus increases the publicity of the hotel. establishment. . What happens if this does not work, we can see in an interview in the magazine “Life & Style” …

In early August, Miley Cyrus, 21, checked into a luxury hotel in New York. The American magazine “Life & Style” now claims to have discovered from insiders that the singer and her entourage have caused a violent disturbance in the good house. Miley Cyrus allegedly took it so far that other guests were upset by the queen of “Wrecking Ball.”

Miley Cyrus loves to vent

Has the former “Hannah Montana” actress turned into a horror hotel? It’s hard to imagine that the pretty blonde could turn a hotel upside down. But “Life & Style” magazine insider information reported that Miley Cyrus’ appearance would have been equivalent to a tornado that swept through the lobby. According to him, the actress and her cronies were screaming wildly, prompting numerous complaints from other hotel guests. The magazine’s insider said the tense situation at the hotel reached its peak when Miley Cyrus tried to seduce someone into smoking marijuana.

Miley Cyrus acts like a rock star

The chaos finally spread, making “Life & Style” magazine even more so, when the thugs started yelling curse words. To top it off, the source said in an interview, Miley’s pack threw themselves on the hotel furniture. The hotel manager and other guests weren’t particularly “amused” with Miley Cyrus and her chaos team’s late-night activities. The hotel management’s attempt to put the singer in her place is said to have failed miserably, according to the magazine. Instead, Liam Hemsworth’s ex-fiancée had turned abusive and advised management to just be glad for her visit as she eventually paid a lot of money. Was it enough for the hotel management?

Miley Cyrus lives up to her scandalous image. Although it is not the best way to present yourself in public, you have to forgive it. You are simply living your life to the fullest. Also, Miley Cyrus isn’t the only star to go overboard, and she probably won’t be the last either …

Image Source: Photo credit should read MAJA SUSLIN / AFP / Getty Images