Miley Cyrus se arranca los pantalones

Miley Cyrus rips off her pants

Miley Cyrus rips off her pants


Daniel Schmidton 06/01/2016 | 16:01

Where has Miley Cyrus gone, throwing herself in skimpy outfits and working what she has? Since the singer celebrated her love return with Liam Hemsworth, she has become noticeably calmer around her. So far: Your sexy looks on the new American show “Maya & Marty” are reminiscent of old times.

Finally! Miley Cyrus is faxing again!

Miley Cyrus is back! On Tuesday night she was invited to the first episode of the show “Maya & Marty”, of course as part of a musical performance. On stage she performed her renditions of the hits “I’m Your Man” by Leonard Cohen and “I’m A Woman” by Peggy Lee. And the audience should have been surprised at first because: The “Wrecking Ball” performer was surprisingly dressed in a tailcoat and a top hat. As for a makeover for the singer, who is really known for her wacky, semi-nude appearances?

Not quite, because he remembered their flashy concerts and provocative outfits. Around the middle of the performance, Miley Cyrus pulled her pants off her body without further ado, allowing the audience to get a glimpse of her long, slim legs thanks to the glittery jumpsuit. In addition to swinging her hips, she rounded off the look with her infamous move, in which she stuck out her tongue. The 23-year-old hasn’t looked this crazy in a long time!

More Liam Hemsworth, less quirkiness

More recently, it seemed that Miley Cyrus had drifted out of the public eye a bit due to her love return with Liam Hemsworth. So he recently canceled the MET Gala, which he had always attended in previous years. Instead, that day, she flew from Brisbane to Los Angeles with her intermittent boyfriend and did not let go of his hand, as paparazzi photos showed. The couple had been on a family visit to Australia. Miley has also changed optically since the reunion – her cheeky pixie cut has given way to shoulder-length hair, and even questionable outfits have gotten weirder, at least in private settings.

We’re happier to see that Miley Cyrus remains the same when she’s in the limelight.

Image Source: GettyImages for Los Angeles LGBT Center / John Sciulli