Miley Cyrus: la verdadera razón por la que cambió

Miley Cyrus: the real reason she changed

Miley Cyrus: the real reason you were changing

In an interview with the American harper’s bazaar now he spoke openly about his style change and what was the trigger for both type changes. “It became something that was expected of me. I didn’t want to show up for photographs and be the girl who had to stick out her breasts and stick out her tongue “Miley explained “In the early days it was an opportunity for me to say, ‘Fuck you. Girls should also have all the freedom, etc. ‘ But then there came the point where it became sexist and I didn’t want that. “ However, he reveals that he likes change and will continue to change. “I am a lot of different people because I change a lot. Change is often said to be bad. People say ‘you’ve changed’ like it’s a bad thing. You should constantly change “, Find them, “To the wise To quote Justin Bieber: “Never say never.” But I just want to be myself “

She also says there is another reason why she lost her bad girl image: Above all, the older generation of her family, like her grandmother, and the residents of her hometown Nashville shouldn’t think badly of her.

We are happy that the opinions of others are so important to her. And we wish you can always change the way you want without having a big shit storm over it.

He also revealed in an interview which song Miley regrets.