Miley Cyrus: Ejercicios de yoga contra la locura

Miley Cyrus: Yoga Exercises Against Insanity

Miley Cyrus: Yoga Exercises Against Insanity


Anne Lüftneron 03/18/2016 | 12:50

You don’t even know Miley Cyrus as a jock! The pop singer not only declared herself a yoga fan in a series of Instagram videos, but also revealed at the same time that she is a true teacher of Indian teaching. At least his impressive contortions speak in favor of this.

Miley Cyrus starts the day with yoga, reveals in the comment of one of her current Instagram clips. So it’s no wonder that the “Wrecking Ball” hitmaker has in the meantime become a true pro, for whom even the most difficult positions seem easy. And it is precisely those figures in reverse or divisions that the singer shows in her countless videos. Although Miley flaunts her beautiful body in a red sports bra and sweat pants, she doesn’t do yoga to burn fat or tone her muscles.

“I don’t do yoga for my body, but for my mind,” Miley Cyrus explains in another short clip. And he concludes: “Do yoga or go crazy!” Of course, so much physical activity against insanity is strenuous and requires a corresponding recovery phase afterward. Her kittens Harlem, Kiki, Lilo and Shanti help out: she is shown in another Instagram photo with one of the fluffy balls of wool.

Yoga against stress?

Miley Cyrus is currently very busy: The 23-year-old is not only working on new music, but she is also playing on Woody Allen’s upcoming TV series, as yet untitled. Also, there are preparations for the wedding with her on-and-off boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, and she is currently in a crisis again. It appears the two lovebirds are fighting over Miley’s heavy marijuana use, at least according to rumors. So it’s no wonder the pop star relies on relaxation and yoga because of all these challenges.

Another new page that Miley Cyrus presents to us on Instagram. Namaste!

Image Source: GettyImages / Jemal Countess