MILEY: Canción pesada

MILEY: Heavy song

Song for Liam or Patrick?

If you listen carefully and take a closer look at the lyrics, you can immediately know that the new song is called “Nightmare” clearly about him Processing the evil of love goes. In the first verse, Miley sings: “I can’t remember why you left” Y “I want to see your eyes”. I wonder if these lines Liam Hemsworth Am I valid?

Even if the The separation was a while ago is, according to a source from, the words are very reminiscent of Liam, da Miley suffered tremendously back then Should have. The end of the relationship really ended her and Even then he processed his feelings on his album Bangerz.

What is not ruled out, of course, is that Miley could even be with him Feelings and the Separation from her last boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger settles. The two were a couple for a full five months until the first cheating rumors about Patrick surfaced. The chorus of the new song is: “I’m still trying to wake up from this nightmare where everything is in the right place, except that you are not there.” The other verses also deal with how Miley is alone and how much she misses a person. Hopefully, he’ll tell us in the next few days or with his music video exactly who all the sad lines are referring to. But the song can definitely be heard!

Miley Cyrus is bisexual

Maybe this song also applies none of the boys, but a girl. In an interview, the 22-year-old reveals that she Already at the age of 14 he told his mother about his “special love” to have. Her mother is said to be a very religious woman and consequently she was shocked when Miley told her: “I love her. I love them as much as I love children. ” But Miley herself struggled for a long time with her preference for both genders, which certainly didn’t make it any easier for Patrick or Liam.

Miley Cyrus naked in a cover

Miley not only drew attention for her new success, no, also for her Image on a cover It causes emotion. Doing Current Paper magazines Cover the singer poses naked with stained dirt and with her own pig “Bubba Sue” in her arms it only covered her most intimate parts. There is a larger series of photos in the magazine that should have it all. Manufacturers don’t promise clothes, finger painting, or crazy positions. What led you to these crazy photos?

Or maybe Miley dedicated the song to her late fish. It sounds crazy, it is too. In May, Miley wrote a beautiful ballad for her dead balloon: Miley Cyrus: Heartbreaking Song About Dead Fish.

Wow, it just changed so much! It’s crazy how it looked in 2006! Look at her outfits and her look: Miley Cyrus from then until now

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