Miley esta enamorada de nuevo

Miley is in love again

Miley is in love again

Show us with cute photos Miley Cyrusthat her ex Liam Hemsworth is clearly in the past: with her new lover Joshua bowmanher on the set of her new movie “So undercover” Acquainted, Miley spent a romantic day in Griffith Park, Los Angeles. They huddled on the grass and played with Miley’s puppy.

After Australian Liam, this time Miley Cyrus has chosen a Briton: Joshua was born in Berkshire, England. It is known about his previous love life with which the 22-year-old drama newcomer Amy Winehouse he was together and on vacation with her on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. The first scandalous Amy and now Disney’s queen Miley? Somehow they don’t go together at all. Or is that it?

Do you think Miley Cyrus and Joshua Bowman are a lovely couple?

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