Miley: enojada con Billy Ray

Miley: mad at Billy Ray

Miley: mad at Billy Ray

What kind of father is that? Since the day he saw the video of his daughter Miley’s bong, he has Billy Ray Cyrus she was not spoken to anymore: instead, she gave a lengthy interview to the American magazine GQ, in which she talked about the “devilish industry” that Miley got into and that she wished her the contract for the Hannah Montana show. I would never have signed.

Since divorcing Tish Cyrus in October 2010, Miley’s father has apparently been sinking into self-pity: “The damn show (Hannah Montana) destroyed my family. Yeah man, I’d undo it right now if I could. “

What’s even more evident is that he compared Miley to Kurt Cobain and Anna Nicole Smith, who both died from drug or medication overdoses. That’s why I’m so scared for Miley. I think Kurt’s world turned too fast and he had so many people around him that it didn’t help him. Like Anna Nicole Smith, you could see the train disaster coming. “

Understandably is Miley Cyrus now totally pissed off and disappointed his father’s. An acquaintance revealed: “To say that Miley is angry is an understatement. She’s furious that Billy Ray went public with a private matter. He hasn’t said a single bad word about Hannah Montana in all time, where the show made him and his family earn millions and now that Miley is 18 and can make her own decisions, he does! Unforgivable. Miley told him that if he wanted to talk, she had his number. “

What do you say?

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