Miley & amp;  ¿Nick una pareja?

Miley & amp; Nick a couple?

Miley CyrusIt is said that the ex-relationship suffered mainly because Justin I was very jealous, the reason: Miley’s ex Nick Jonas. Justin’s fears weren’t as unfounded as they now turn out. Miley and Nick have been inseparable again since their separation …

We are in close contact again! “Declared Miley Cyrus in an interview in the United States “He is my best friend and we spend as much time as possible together.“AHA! And there is more? Miley only has one comment left: “We do not know what will be in the future. At the moment it is just beautiful.

It was anything but pleasant to Miley Cyrus the end of the relationship with Nick 2007 “.I finished and cried non-stop for a month.“So it’s great that the two of you are getting along today”:We both processed the breakup and decided to let the past rest.It is also said that the families of the two stars are delighted that Miley and Nick are “together” again.

Today Miley writes on her Twitter blog: “I have butterflies in my stomach!” Who is to blame for that? 🙂

What you think? Are Miley and Nick just best friends or will they be a couple again?

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