Miley & amp;  Nick: ¡Accidente de coche!

Miley & amp; Nick: Car accident!

Miley & amp;  Nick: Car accident!

What will be Miley Cyrus‘Does boyfriend Justin Gaston think so? Miley spent the weekend with her ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas of the jonas brothers They agreed to have lunch together. Was it a friendly meeting or was it a romantic date? Miley emphasized over and over again in interviews how much the relationship with the Jonas Brothers hit. Even shortly after the split, she was not averse to a future reunion. So she said that Magazine seventeen: “He may be my best friend for the rest of my life. Or I’ll marry Nick Jonas one day. “

In any case, Nick was so excited after Saturday’s meeting that he passed a parked car in his Mustang Cobra. Fortunately, there was no more serious damage to the veneer, so the singer moved on. Mä I have the video!

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