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Milking fat: 7 ingenious application areas for the care balm

Proven remedy

The traditional fatty ointment was originally used to care for the udders of dairy cows. The milking fat found in pharmacies has little to do with this product. With its intensely nourishing ingredients, it’s not just a winter-tested remedy – we’ll show you how you can care for milking grease nails, skin and hair.

This is what milking fat consists of

Milking fat can be found inexpensively in large, round plastic cans at the drugstore. The consistency of the ointment is reminiscent of petroleum jelly, but milking fat and petroleum jelly are not the same! Rather, milking fat is a type fortified petroleum jelly, which, depending on the variety, contains other nutritional ingredients, such as Panthenol, lanolin (wool grease), beeswax, vitamin E, and sunflower oil. Unlike the original udder care product, cosmetic milking fat must be pesticide-free. Variants with marigolds, alpine herbs, or without other fragrances are particularly popular.

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Areas of application for milking fat

Milking fat can be a real treat for many skin conditions and is also so inexpensive that it is much cheaper than many expensive drugstore ointments. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using it so that your skin doesn’t dry out further.

# 1 chapped lips

Milking fat is more suitable than Vaseline for dry lips, because Vaseline only serves as a kind of seal against moisture loss. In addition, your lips need moisturizing ingredients like panthenol, beeswax or vegetable oils, which are contained in the milk fat. Milking grease generally helps better than conventional lip care products, especially in cold temperatures. And best of all: the milking fat makes your lips shine beautifully.

# 2 Protection from the cold on the face

Milking fat is an ideal protection against the cold, as the nourishing ingredients bring moisture to the skin, while Vaseline acts as a protective shield against cold temperatures. When hiking in winter or when skiing and snowboarding, you can apply milking grease to areas of the face that are unprotected.

# 3 psoriasis

Dry and rough areas of the skin do not disappear with milk fat, but the redness can be reduced. Therefore, you can treat psoriasis on the body selectively with milk fat, but be sure to use a fragrance-free product and do a skin test before extensive treatment.

Dr. Berger Melkfett fragrance-free for sensitive skin

Dr. Berger Melkfett fragrance-free for sensitive skin

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# 4 Callus on the feet

In the case of corns and cracks on the feet, milking fat is ideal for pre-treatment. Because the fatty ointment covers your feet with a waterproof film, the cornea swells and can then be removed more easily. For intensive foot care, you should smear your feet with milking fat at night, put on your socks, and leave everything on overnight. The next morning, a urea foot bath is required, followed by a pumice stone or callus cutter treatment.

# 5 nourishing hair pomade

Milking fat can also be used in hair styling. While the gel can dry the hair, the milking oil provides moisture to the hair. However, the oily salve only works for looks that want a shiny, stringy finish, such as slicked-back hair and ’50s hairstyles.

# 6 Dry and cracked nails

Fingernails and toenails can become dry and cracked if you wear nail polish all the time. So give your nails a break and massage in the milking grease after a hand or foot bath. Ideally, leave it on overnight, otherwise you will leave grease stains all over the place. Also, a milking grease hand soap can take care of skin and nails.

Kappus Milk Fat Soap: Cleanses and protects dry skin.

Kappus Milk Fat Soap: Cleanses and protects dry skin.

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# 7 Protection when biking and jogging

Those who regularly run long distances or ride a lot are familiar with the problem: In the long run, the skin on the inner thighs or in the genital and buttock areas can become irritated. A little milk fat can help preventively here. Also in this case, be sure to use unscented dairy fat that does not irritate sensitive skin areas.

Danger! Milking Fat Precautions

Milking fat can protect and hydrate the skin, but it can also be harmful if used incorrectly. Due to its insulating effect, the fat in milk can clog pores and prevent the natural equalization of temperature. Therefore, it is recommended, especially on the face, to apply the milking fat only in a thin layer and not to leave it on the skin for a long time. After a trip in the cold, you should wash the ointment thoroughly with warm water so that your skin breathes.

When it comes to skincare, it’s not just about the right products, it’s about the right application. You should always pay attention to:

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