Milla Jovovich vuelve a estar embarazada

Milla Jovovich is pregnant again

Milla Jovovich is pregnant again

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wantedon 08/19/2014 | 10:46

Milla Jovovich already has a son. The “Resident Evil” actress is not only a sought-after actress and a very reserved model, above all, she is a thoroughbred mother. Now even a session of the 38-year-old has to be postponed because she is expecting her second child.

Milla Jovovich is the figurehead for the “Resident Evil” blockbusters. As Agent Alice, you declare war on the villains of your movie-by-movie computer game-based world. But now I had to The start of filming the last part of the action saga will be postponed because Milla Jovovich is in different circumstances.

Milla Jovovich is expecting her second child

Chasing monsters and criminals with a round belly is not that easy. Milla Jovovich, who got the producers of “Resident Evil” going because of her second pregnancy, had to find out. Filming was scheduled for this summer, but Milla Jovovich frustrated star producer Paul WS Anderson..

Milla Jovovich Announces Baby News on Facebook

In fact, I wanted to post here how excited I am to fly to Cape Town to work on Resident Evil. “, Milla Jovovich announced on Facebook, “But… My husband Paul and I just found out that we are having another baby!“How convenient that Milla Jovovich has been married to the head of the sci-fi saga since 2009. There is certainly no bad blood for anyone involved due to the missed shot, just anticipation of the baby. “All I will destroy in the near future is an endless supply of cupcakes,” Milla Jovovich continued clarifying. It is not yet clear until what date the shooting was postponed.

Congratulations to future parents, Milla Jovovich and Paul Anderson, who will soon be four years old at home. It is well known that anticipation is the best friend: That goes for the baby and for the last part of “Resident Evil”!

Image source: gettyimages / Vittorio Zunino Celotto