Milo Ventimiglia apoya al equipo Dean y Logan

Milo Ventimiglia supports team Dean and Logan

Milo Ventimiglia supports team Dean and Logan

Gilmore Girls

The time has finally come: “Gilmore Girls: A New Year” begins this Friday! Milo Ventimiglia is also back, who plays Rory’s love interest Jess. Could there be a return of love for him and Alexis Bledel’s character in revival? Milo has a clear attitude towards this.

In an interview with “Entertainment Weekly”, Milo Ventimiglia returns to speak in more detail about “Gilmore Girls: A New Year”. In response to the fact that many fans are expecting a happy ending from him and Rory Gilmore at the end of the revival, he responds that he has noticed it too. “I was at Comic-Con and someone said, ‘I’m Team Jess,’” the actor recalls from a fan meeting. He then spontaneously explained at the convention what he thinks of Rory and Jess as a couple: “I said, ‘Did you ever think Jess might not be from Team Rory at all?

The statement surprised him afterward, but it also made him think, “Maybe that’s really correct,” Milo Ventimiglia told “Entertainment Weekly.” Either way: Jess’s actor apparently prefers to keep his fingers crossed for his series competitors: “I mess with people and say I’m Team Dean or Team Logan.”

“It would be a bastard”

In any case, Milo Ventimiglia has only delusional words for his colleagues. “Jared Padalecki is an incredible man. Matty Czuchry is an amazing man. They are such good guys that I am a fan of them, so I will choose one of them, ”explains the 39-year-old. “I would be a bit of a bastard if I chose myself.”

The final push for “Gilmore Girls” is here! You can now watch “Gilmore Girls: A New Year” on Netflix and find out if Rory is really getting old with Dean or Logan. And who knows? Maybe she’ll decide in Jess’s favor after all, or none of the three guys?

Image Source: Getty Images / Emma McIntyre