Miranda Kerr: ¿Realmente tuvo algo con Justin Bieber?

Miranda Kerr: Did you really have a thing with Justin Bieber?

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wantedon 07/31/2014 | 16:56

The strange argument between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber is said to have arisen when the Canadian teen star had an affair with Miranda Kerr. But was something really going on between the supermodel and the “baby” singer?

She’s 30, he’s only 20, though they are said to have sprayed sparks between Miranda Kerr and Justin Bieber. After a fashion show two years ago, the Australian top model and the teen star are said to have grown closer, at a time when Miranda Kerr was still married to actor Orlando Bloom.

Miranda Kerr clears up a strange argument

Now it is said that this adventure is the trigger for a tangible discussion between the two men interested in Miranda Kerr. It is said that they even fought in Ibiza! But is there really something to the speculation?

Miranda Kerr makes things clear

So far, the two alleged fighters have yet to comment on their bizarre argument. Justin Bieber fueled the discussion even further by posting a photo of Orlando Bloom who looked like the actor was crying. And Miranda Kerr, who should it be? She happily posts a rather sexy photo that shows her almost naked in the bathtub. Does the Australian want to give her two fans even more reason to argue? It seems that Miranda Kerr is not aware of any guilt, after all let her announce through a lawyer that she had never had anything with Justin Bieber, reports “gala.de”.

Miranda Kerr and Justin Bieber? It sounds more than absurd to our ears. We would still be very interested to know why Orlando Bloom and the young gangster clashed in Ibiza!Image Source: Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images