Miranda Kerr: ¿está recién enamorada?

Miranda Kerr: is she just in love?

Miranda Kerr: is she just in love?

Just in love

wantedthe 06/03/2014 | 10:05

Who is the sexy blonde next to Miranda Kerr? The pretty Australian spent a relaxed yacht trip in Sydney with “friends and family”, but whose muscular torso is the top model so cute?

Miranda Kerr is taken again

It’s rare that a breakup is as peaceful as Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom’s. But apparently the two manage to put aside their problems for their son Flynn and be together for the little one. Even the supposedly new partners don’t seem to tarnish the romance! Orlando Bloom has already teamed up with several pretty women and Miranda Kerr is said to have looked elsewhere. The latest images leave little doubt that the new blond, tall and naturally handsome it is!

Miranda Kerr enjoys her new love

On a joint yacht excursion in Sydney with “friends and family,” as Miranda Kerr herself posted on Instagram, her supposed new partner was there too. As reported by “Popsugar” among others, If Miranda’s sexy partner was Charlie Goldsmith, a successful businessman from Australia.

In love with sydney

The 33-year-old is said to sell sports drinks. Miranda Kerr and Goldsmith apparently share a healthy lifestyle. In the images published by the celebrity portal, The top model and her so-called business friend look very happy and can barely keep their hands off each other. Looks like Miranda Kerr is just in love!

Miranda Kerr can only be assured that she is in love again. After all, her ex, Orlando Bloom, is already having fun in other ways. And as long as Little Flynn can handle the fact that mom and dad are no longer together, nothing will stand in the way of a happy, fused family.Image Source: Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images / Instagram / MirandaKerr