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Mobile Phone Deals and Rates: Singles Day Deals on November 11


On Singles’ Day there are cell phones at rock-bottom prices. We will show you the best deals for phones from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and Co.

  1. Mobile phone deals on Singles’ Day

  2. Mobile phone rates on sale on Singles Day

If you’re toying with buying a new cell phone on Singles’ Day, this is the place for you. We list the best deals for phones from Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and Apple.

Mobile phone deals on Singles’ Day

iPhone SEApple iPhone SE (2nd generation) with 64GB€ 585.55€ 608.81-3% Media Markt

The iPhone SE is also declaring war on large mobile phones with a 4.7-inch screen diagonal. Technically, the iPhone SE is superior to the iPhone 7 in all respects. But it also costs more. In Media Markt you can get it for only 409 euros. The prices of other dealers start from 435 euros. For the promotional price, you need a Media Markt Club card, which you can get free of charge before you buy.

To offer in MediaMarkt iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Google Pixel 3aGoogle Pixel 4a: 128 gigabytes of storage€ 302.78€ 340,20-10% Saturn

You can buy Google’s Pixel 4a on Saturn for € 302.78. Compared to the next best offer of € 340.20, here you only save around € 7, but only one retailer charges this price. All other dealers offer the significantly more expensive cell phone. To get the special price, you must be a member of the Saturn Club. You can register for free before buying and benefit from the savings.

To offer on Saturn Huawei P30 Lite New Edition Huawei Huawei P40 liteHuawei P40 lite€ 168.21€ 184.81-8% Media Markt

Members of the Media Markt Club today buy the Huawei P40 lite for just 168.21 euros. In other dealerships you pay at least 184.81 euros. If you are not yet a member of the Media Markt Club, you can join for free shortly before purchase and get many other benefits.

To offer in MediaMarkt Galaxy A51 Samsung Galaxy M31Samsung Galaxy M31€ 219.99€ 262,00-sixteen% Amazon

The Galaxy M31 has a 6.4-inch AMOLED screen and a very large 6,000 mAh battery. The device also has 6 gigabytes of working memory and 64 gigabytes of device memory. Amazon offers the cell phone on Singles’ Day for 219.99 euros. Although the M31 has already been cheaper, you still save around 40 euros compared to other retailers. For the price, you can go in with confidence and get a great everyday phone with a long battery life.

To offer on Amazon Samsung Galaxy A21 Samsung Galaxy A21s Galaxy S20 FESamsung Galaxy S20 FE€ 517,65€ 559.00-7% Media Markt

Members of the Media Markt Club today buy the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE on Singles Day for just 517 euros, while the competition is still asking for at least 559 euros. So you save a good 40 euros on the purchase. The deal only applies to members of the Media Markt Club. Membership is free and can be completed shortly before purchase.

To offer in MediaMarkt Xiaomi POCO X3Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC – 128 gigabytes of memory€ 205.00€ 259.00-twenty% eBay

With a Snapdragon 732G processor, six gigabytes of RAM, and a 64-megapixel quad camera, the Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC is unusually strong for its price range.

On today’s Singles Day you can buy the Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC in the 128 gigabyte version on eBay for only 205 euros. Very good price. The competition does not charge less than 259 euros for the smartphone.

To offer on eBay Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite 5G Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 ProXiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro€ 199.90€ 204.99-2% Amazon

You can buy the Redmi Note 9 Pro on Amazon on Singles Day for 199.90 euros. Compared to other retailers, you save just under 5 euros. However, the offer is good, because the Xiaomi mobile phone has rarely been cheaper until now. The Redmi Note 9 Pro is the successor to the successful Redmi Note 8 Pro and, like this one, it shines with an excellent price-performance ratio. Above all, the large 5020 mAh battery stands out.

To offer on Amazon

Mobile phone rates on sale on Singles Day

Still missing the right rate for your mobile phone? Then take a look at the following offers. For example, today you can secure flat rates for the entire network with a large volume of data at low prices.

sim.  by LTE ALL 8LTE All 8 + 3 GB for only 11.11 euros per month€ 11.11€ 14.99-25% sim.de

For Singles Day, the mobile operator sim.de offers you an additional three gigabytes in addition to the LTE All 8 flat rate. This means you have a total of eleven gigabytes of browsing volume at a speed of up to 50 MBit / s. Of course, unlimited telephony throughout the network, SMS flat rate and roaming in the EU are also included.

Just today you get this complete happy pack at a low monthly price of just € 11.11 instead of € 14.99. If you opt for a 24-month rate period, you will also be waived from the € 14.99 deployment fee. Sim.de uses the O2 network.

To the offer at sim.de One Flex 11 - Singles DayONE Flex 11 for only 11.11 euros per month€ 11.11€ 23.15-52% handy.de

For Singles Day, you get the One Flex 11 mobile rate at handy.de. It has a total of eleven gigabytes of browsing volume at a speed of up to 50 Mbit / s. Of course, unlimited telephony throughout the network, SMS flat rate and roaming in the EU are also included.

Only today receive this complete happy package for the low monthly price of only 11.11 euros instead of 23.15 euros. A provisioning fee of 19.99 euros must also be paid for the connection. Handy.de uses the O2 network.

To the offer on handy.de

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Below, you’ll find more Singles Day promotions at other retailers or for specific categories and brands. Here, too, we only show you the best deals.

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