Modelo también pierde su segunda pierna por TSS

Model also loses her second leg to TSS

Model also loses her second leg to TSS

Lauren Wasser: The second leg also needs to be amputated

It took Lauren Wasser a few years to regain the courage to face life. She did not want to give up her life as a model and had a golden leg prosthesis made. Now it is very popular with many designers and on international catwalks. But after all these years, TSS continues to have a terrible impact on Lauren’s health. Because now he should also lose his left leg.

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In She revealed that even if she had come to terms with her prosthetic leg, toxic shock syndrome still dominated her life. At that time, doctors advised him to remove both legs. There was a 50/50 chance of saving his left leg.that’s why I didn’t want to lose hope. But over time, the terrible truth reached her, because now her previously “healthy” leg can no longer be saved. “I have excruciating pain every day. I’m already missing the heel and toes of my left foot. Now he has also developed an open ulcer. In a few months, inevitably, I will have to amputate my other leg. I can’t help it. But what I can do is make sure that that doesn’t happen to other women. ” so Lauren. Therefore, there is no other option but to say goodbye to his left leg. So in the next few months they will have to amputate his second leg.

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