Monopolio: ahora puedes comprar Schlossallee en tus dispositivos Android

Monopoly: now you can buy Schlossallee on your Android devices

Monopoly: now you can buy Schlossallee on your Android devices

Monopoly for Android is here. The new digital version of the popular game can be played offline and online against other people.

Monopoly is one of the most popular board games of the last decades. Now there is a new mobile version for Android to really play Monopoly anytime, anywhere. For a few hours, the new game has been available for € 4.49 in the Google Play Store. One of the highlights is definitely the online multiplayer mode, which means that single people can play Monopoly at any time.

Play Monopoly offline and online against other people

– A GREAT BOARD GAME – Play the Hasbro classic alone or with your family and friends! – A PREMIUM EXPERIENCE – No profit sharing, no pop-up ads, Hasbro approved – HOUSE RULES – Play by common house rules – QUICK MODE – Get out of Hasbro- Board game faster than ever – SINGLE PLAYER – Play against our challenging AI. You don’t need friends or family to play – OFFLINE MULTIPLAYER – Play together and pass the phone between rounds – ONLINE MULTIPLAYER – Play a MONOPOLY game with people from all over the world or create a private multiplayer game with your friends and family