Telegram obtiene una nueva actualización de funciones: anonimato para administradores, filtros de búsqueda y más

More and more people use Telegram

Telegram gets a new feature update: anonymity for admins, search filters and more

There is a huge selection in the world of smartphone messengers, and Telegram is now one of the successful platforms.

Telegram has been able to reach a new milestone according to its own information, and the WhatsApp competitor can obviously benefit from Corona. At least there has been an increase in the number of users in recent weeks and months, which may be due, or at least in part, to this. There are currently a total of 400 million users on Telegram who use the messenger at least once a month and are therefore considered “active”.

Telegram rides a wave of success

It means a growth of 100 million active users in one year. According to the company, the range of functions should be compelling because there is real desktop support, chat folders, and many other practical functions that are not found in the competition. Telegram started seven years ago and has built an impressive portfolio of features during that time.

A new sticker directory has been added offering more than 20,000 stickers over 5 years old. The menu has been revised for Android smartphones if users want to post an attachment in chats.

Telegram with a new function that WhatsApp can copy